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Low Profile Concealable Vest

NIJ Standard II, IIA, or IIIA

Lightweight and discrete, the Low profile Style is designed to allow for optimal ventilation and heat dissipation. The Low Profile style features full front, back, and partial side protection. If you need protection but being noticed is not an option, this is your ideal vest.  Ideal for undercover and extended duty assignments, the Low Profile style offers optimal comfort and protection in the harshest of environments.

Standard Features:
  • Available in both Male and Female styles
  • Available in Ballistic/Stab-Shank Armor upon request
Strap adjustment types:
  • 6 point elastic adjustment straps to ensures the perfect fit
  • The double adjustment straps on the shoulders, properly suspends the body armor for maximum comfort and prevents the ballistic panels from sagging
Sizes (Custom sizing available):
  • Small (34-36)
  • Medium (38-40)
  • Large (42-44)
  • X Large (46-48)
  • XX Large (50-52)
  • XXX Large (54-56)
  • XXXX Large (58-60)
  • All Camouflage, Black, White, Blue, Tan, (Custom by request)