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MICH Helmet

NIJ Standard IIIA

Using the latest advances in ballistic materials our MICH High Ballistic Helmet was designed to exceed expectations by providing maximum NIJ Standard Level IIIA protection (44 Mag. 240 gr. at 1400 FPS) while maintaining comfort during extended operations. The MICH provides the following advantages:

  • Superior ballistic, fragmentation, and impact protection, with reduced head borne weight
  • Improved compatibility with night vision, communication, Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical equipment.
  • Performs in all environmental conditions from -40F to -160F
  • Reduce profile optimizes peripheral vision and sensory awareness, not leaving the operator disadvantaged in hostile environments.
  • Improved interface with body armor, allowing the user to have a full range of motion, even in the prone position.
  • A 4 point, fully adjustable strap-harness suspension system maximizes stability and comfort.
  • The Pad Suspension system includes 7 highly engineered removable pads, which dramatically increase the operators comfort level.
Pad Suspension System:
  • 7 highly engineered pads (1 crown and six oval and trapezoid pads)
  • Pad are removable (hand washable-mild detergent)
  • Pads mold and conform to the shape of the operator’s head
  • Pads can be moved around to accommodate gas masks, communication equipment etc..)
  • Minimizes shock loads from ballistic, fragmentation, and blunt trauma, thus dramatically reducing risk of non-ballistic injury.
  • Pads provide increased air circulation in the helmet, keeping the operator cooler, and less likely to experience heat trauma.
  • Provides a quieter environment for the operator
  • Minimizes pressure points
  • Black, Tan, Green (Custom by request)