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TC-2001 Helmet

NIJ Standard Level IIIA

This high cut derivative of the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) was designed to be the ultimate in communications equipment compatibility.  The TC-2001 provides the following advantages:

  • Superior ballistic, fragmentation, and impact protection, with reduced head borne weight
  • Improved compatibility with night vision, communication, Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical equipment.
  • Performs in all environmental conditions from -40F to -160F
  • Reduce profile optimizes peripheral vision and sensory awareness, not leaving the operator disadvantaged in hostile environments.
  • Improved interface with body armor, allowing the user to have a full range of motion, even in the prone position.
  • A 4 point, fully adjustable strap-harness suspension system maximizes stability and comfort.
  • The Pad Suspension system includes 7 highly engineered removable pads, which dramatically increase the operators comfort level.
Pad Suspension System:
  • 7 highly engineered pads (1 crown and six oval and trapezoid pads)
  • Pad are removable (hand washable-mild detergent)
  • Pads mold and conform to the shape of the operator’s head
  • Pads can be moved around to accommodate gas masks, communication equipment etc..)
  • Minimizes shock loads from ballistic, fragmentation, and blunt trauma, thus dramatically reducing risk of non-ballistic injury.
  • Pads provide increased air circulation in the helmet, keeping the operator cooler, and less likely to experience heat trauma.
  • Provides a quieter environment for the operator
  • Minimizes pressure points
  • Black, Tan, Green (Custom by request)